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About Desiree Quintero, Ph.D
and Wayland Quintero, Ph.D

Since 2012, the two co-founders of Native English Now Editing Services, Desiree Quintero, Ph.D and Wayland Quintero, Ph.D (USA), have provided independent editing and proofreading services for professors, lecturers and University students in Southeast Asia as well as for clients from other regions.

Desiree and Wayland have edited numerous article submissions for journals such as Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Journal for Maritime Studies, Borneo Research Journal, Malaysian Music Journal and others, a history book, book chapters, and Masters and Doctoral level theses and dissertations in the fields of performing arts (contemporary and traditional dance, music, and theatre), linguistics, economics, maritime security, history, and the sciences.

Desiree and Wayland

The co-founders, Desiree Quintero and Wayland Quintero were raised and educated in New York City and Honolulu, Hawaii and are native English language speakers and writers. They also lived and studied in Malaysia for six years and continue to conduct research, write, edit and participate in conferences in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

Among their professional activities, Desiree and Wayland are active members of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia (PASEA). Wayland is a member of the Executive Committee and Co-Chairperson of the Publications Committee while Desiree is Assistant to the ICTM PASEA Chairperson and member of the Publications Committee. The ICTM is a Non-Governmental Organization in formal consultative relations with UNESCO.

Our services


This is the bulk of the work that we accomplish at Native English Now Editing Services. This service is primarily for authors who wish to have their manuscripts edited for the first or second time. We correct English grammar and spelling, and do our best to make sentence flow comprehensible.

Our work is thorough, as we meticulously work on each document. However, for ethical reasons we do not revise the author’s original ideas and content. The author is responsible for accuracy of citations, including footnotes and endnotes, references, and bibliography, as well as visual elements such as formulas, graphs, tables, notation charts, and photographs. The submitted document shall be in a Microsoft WORD format, 2.54 cm (1-inch) margins with Arial or Times New Roman font style, 12-point size. Documents that do not conform to these specifications will be adjusted accordingly prior to the editing process in order to determine the final fee.

We reserve the right to refuse an editing request.


We provide proofreading services for edited manuscripts that have been accepted for publication. For this service we look for any corrections or errors in the proof before it is sent back to the publisher.


We can create an index for a book that will be published by going through a manuscript and pulling out key terms for the index.


Sample journal and book publications that Desiree and Wayland have edited articles and chapters.

Ethical Guidelines

When Native English Now Editing Services agrees to accept a job request, we edit for English grammar, spelling and sentence flow toward reasonable comprehension. For ethical reasons, we do not rewrite nor reformulate the author’s original ideas and content. We reserve the right to refuse a request to edit a document. Formatting requirements for journals, proceedings and other publications are the author’s responsibility. The author is also responsible for accuracy of citations, references and bibliography, as well as illustrations such as formulas, graphs, tables, notation charts and photographs.

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